Empire Pacific Vinyl Windows for San Francisco Projects

Empire Pacific Windows products are custom made to fit the specifications of your San Francisco home. Our Showroom features several attractive applications but only a fraction of the variety of products we manufacture.

Emipre Pacific Vinyl Window 4200 Series
Emipre Pacific Vinyl Window 5200 Series
6200 SERIE
Emipre Pacific Vinyl Window 6200 Series
The 4200 Series has a classic San Francisco wood window look since it features a beveled exterior edge. Its greater width (3.375”) makes it a preferred series for those looking to install large Picture Windows. Its width also allows the introduction of the Casement (side-hinged) and Awning (top-hinged) windows. Standard on the 4200 are the Baffled Weep Holes, a one-way “door” which allows water to drain from the frame but keeps critters and dirt from infiltrating. The 4200 Series is available in Picture, Vertical Sliding, Horizontal Sliding, Casement and Awning applications. The 5200 is also known as our Builder Series for San Francisco. It has a narrower profile than any other frame offered by Empire Pacific. The 5200 Series is a wise purchase for those looking for maximum value. There is no difference in quality or performance between 5200 and 4200 series windows. The 5200 Series is available in Picture, Horizontal Sliding and Vertical Sliding windows only. The 6200 Series is Empire Pacific’s double hung line of windows for the San Francisco Bay Area. These are Vertical Sliding windows where both the top and bottom sash are operable. Double Hung windows are a traditional style window and are a good choice for retrofit applications in older homes. The 6200 line offers a tilt and clean sash that allows the homeowner to wash the exterior of the window without going outside. The frame is 3.125 inches in width. A Picture Window version (with a Double Hung frame) is also offered where consistent sight lines needs to be maintained next to an operable Double Hung window.